Immersible 30 sachets of Beeswax & Balm (Organic)

30 individual sachets of 2 grams of organic beeswax and mountain balsam
30 individual sachets of 2 grams of organic beeswax and mountain balsam

The dippable bag is biodegradable from organic corn. Our dipped bags are heat-sealed and no chemical adhesives are used anywhere 

Beeswax and Balsam: The Treasures of Nature

Nature, with its rich variety of plants, often hides little treasures that benefit our health and well-being. Two of these treasures are Beeswax and Balsam, plants that have been part of natural healing for centuries.

Beeswax, also known as "Bee Balm" or "Honeydew", is an aromatic plant with multiple beneficial properties. Bees adore this plant, while humans use it for its healing properties. The flowers of Bee Balm contain essential oils, which are believed to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used in traditional medicine to relieve respiratory problems.

Balsam, also known as "Balsamite" or "Plant of Life", also has a long history as an herbal medicine. Balsamite oil is known for its properties in relieving muscle and joint pain, and is also thought to help boost the immune system.

By discovering these treasures of nature, we can strengthen our natural defences and achieve a healthy lifestyle. We can incorporate Beeswax and Balsam in our daily care, either by using essential oils, or by adding them to herbs or teas.

Let us discover the miraculous worlds of Melissochortos and Balsamitos, connected to the traditional wisdom of nature. Let us take advantage of their natural properties and create a cycle of health and well-being, in harmony with the rhythm of nature.


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